Legacy In Action.


Helping individuals, families, and communities flourish.

Legacy In Action Ministries is committed to empowering people to fulfill their unique purpose such that they create flourishing—in their lives and in the lives of others.

The original request was for a logo for this new company as they prepare to launch in the spring of 2021.The different approaches focused on two words: legacy and action.

The final logo shows a strong, growing cedar tree silhouetted by the rising sun representing newness and excitement for new possibilities.

This client also requested a website. You can visit the Legacy In Action website to see more.

Legacy In Action Logos

Granite Point Consulting.


Helping companies streamline processes, maximize revenue, and get the most from Salesforce.

Granite Point Consulting is a New England region business that offers Salesforce.com integration and implementation services and business consulting within the context of using the Salesforce.com CRM.

The original request was for a new website, but it became clear early in the processes that a new website was going to require the logo to be updated. The original logo was a black-and-white obelisk (shown at the bottom of the samples given). Since Granite Point’s home base is New Hampshire—the Granite State—keeping the motif of a sharp object made from granite was an important consideration.

The final logo pictures a triangular pyramid—the top of a three-sided obelisk—tilted to the side. The sides were colored with the three major colors found within the most common New Hampshire granite.

Granite Point Consulting Logo

Renaissance Works.


Create order, efficiency, and productivity for your business.

Renaissance Works—a coaching and consulting company that helps small and large businesses get organized and increase productivity—had long used an illustration of Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man as their primary image. Their request was that I create a modernized logo using the Vitruvian Man image as well as explore some other options.

One exploration was to use an image of a crescent globe with a swoosh emerging from the globe and shooting into space like a rocket ship—the owner had a past connection with the aerospace industry. This represented how Renaissance Works could help a client’s business “take off.” Another exploration features a dome reminiscent of Renaissance period architecture. The business connection was helping to build your business into a strong, beautiful, and lasting structure.

In the end, they chose to go with the modernized, flat image of Vitruvian Man appearing in the negative space of a strong blue circle.

The Renaissance Works logo by Paul W. Perry

Nordic Snow Services.


Get tough on snow.

Nordic Snow Services—a subsidiary of MapleCreek Landworks—serves the upper Connecticut valley of New Hampshire. The request was for a logo with powerful image of a Viking helmet in a bright color that would stand out in the snow and from their light-colored snow plows.

You can see the evolution of the logo to the right, including the introduction of a Norse-style typeface and circular lines as a visual cue to Viking-style shields.

Nordic Snow Services logo by Paul W. Perry

HoneyDo Cleaners.


You relax—We’ll clean.

HoneyDo Cleaners was a growing business and wanted a logo, tagline, website, and other branded materials to support their marketing efforts. As we discussed the business they described themselves as serious, hard working, and committed to making their clients satisfied. This brought up the busy-as-a-bee concept that connected thematically with the word “honey” and described their work ethic. As a result, I developed a series of logos using various images of bees and honey.

The HoneyDo Cleaners logo by Paul W. Perry

The Reinvent Training.


Transforming Tomorrow, Today.

Reinvent Ministries—headquartered in Long Beach, California—offers a series of trainings and workshops designed to help people initiate significant changes in their lives and relationships. My task was to create a series of word marks that fit together as a family and provide a visual cue to the orientation of each individual training.

I started with the Reinvent Training which is an inward journey that explores belief systems the participant may have that thwart achieving the desired change. This is represented by the inward pointing arrows. I also explored additional iconic themes such as adding a butterfly—the international symbol of transformation, curved arrows to represent water and the washing away of limiting beliefs, and fire to signify igniting a new passion for change.

Logos - Paul W. Perry

Other Work.

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