Reinvent Ministries.

Personal Transformation.

Transforming Tomorrow, Today.

Reinvent Ministries—headquartered in Long Beach, California—offers a series of trainings and workshops designed to help people initiate significant change in their lives and relationships. The primary purposes of this website redesign were to:

  • Improve the user experience by simplifying the website’s organization and introducing more user-friendly categorizations.
  • Take advantage of large, compelling images and text that would appeal to younger and older audiences alike.
  • Provide a responsive design that would allow mobile-device users to have a better user experience.
Reinvent Ministries Website
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MCG Partners.

Making a powerful difference.

Developing highly impactful and engaged leaders, teams, and organizations.

The MCG Partners website wasn’t getting the job done. The solution was a multi-pronged strategy to give the website a facelift and shift the focus to a being a lead-generation tool. The facelift included a modified logo, striking photography, a more diverse representation within the graphic elements, and a simplified organization of the services offered. For lead generation, a relevant call to action was added to every page, each linked to a web-to-lead form that is easy to use and collects relevant information about the user’s needs.

MCG Partners Website
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Granite Point Consulting.


Helping companies streamline business and get the most out of

According to Granite Point Consulting’s owner, the website was in dire need of an upgrade. Since Granite Point Consulting is a New England-based company with “granite” in it’s name, using the granite motif and images from across New England was an important consideration.

Granite Point Consulting Website
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Merrimack Valley Party Bus.

A Mobile party experience.

Massachusetts, Let’s Party!

The Merrimack Valley Party Bus website is a simple, responsive-design website meant to appeal to young partygoers in the suburbs north of Boston. Once on the site, visitors can quickly and easily contact the owner, get instructions on how to make a reservation, learn more about the service, and review terms and conditions.

Merrimack Valley Party Bus Website

HoneyDo Cleaners.

Residential Cleaning Services.

You relax—We’ll clean.

HoneyDo Cleaners was a growing business in need of a logo, tagline, website, and other branded materials to support their marketing efforts. As we discussed the website we decided to focus on the word “clean,” which helped guide the selection of modern, white-dominant photographs and large, thin typefaces.

HoneyDo Cleaners Website

Benning Animal Hospital.

Veterinary Hospital, Columbus, Georgia.

The trusted veterinary hospital in Columbus.

Benning Animal Hospital—named after the nearby Fort Benning—wanted a customized HTML website that was “homey” and “welcoming.” The design approach I used was to create an image of a wall in their waiting room with large framed photos of animals and plaques that welcomed visitors and highlighted the hospital hours and related services. The blue leash behind the main navigation was also requested.

The Benning Animal Hosptial mobile website is a separate site featuring easy access with large, mobile-friendly buttons that link to the most important information.

Benning Animal Hospital Website

Critter Doctor.

Veterinary Hospital, Kirkland, Washington.

Taking care of pets and their people.

Critter Doctor Animal Hospital in Kirkland, Washington wanted a warm and inviting HTML website that reflected their ideal of being “cozy, not clinical.” My approach was to use warm colors and rich textures as well as photos from their own practice.

The Critter Doctor mobile website is a separate site with easy access to only the most important information.

Critter Doctor Website

Kris Kile.

Master Coach and Trainer.

Resource for creating deeper connection, freedom, and power.

Kris is a man with his fingers in may pots and he wanted one centralized website that would highlight all the organizations he is involved with—thus was born Based in Austin, Texas, Kris wanted a simple, clean, responsive-design website that would clearly highlight his six main offerings and give visitors easy access to sign up for his email newsletter.

Kris Kile Website

Other Work.

Advertisements by Paul W. Perry
Brochures by Paul W. Perry
Illustrations by Paul W. Perry
Logos by Paul W. Perry
Photographs by Paul W. Perry